Northamptonshire Horsewatch is a scheme set up to connect all horse owners and riders with the intention of improving security and communication.

We are a group of local volunteers, who meet at regular intervals and work together to provide a local network of information and support to combat equine crime.

Our aim is to reduce rural and equine crime and, just like Neighbourhood Watch and Farm Watch, so much can be achieved through general awareness and a little effort from each individual within the equine community.





By working together we can be far more alert to what is going on locally or nationally.

The Majority of calls we receive are for Horses Missing on Loan, Horses that are stolen and have no passports, people who have been mis-sold and lied to about the history of their horse.

Our local co-ordinators can send you information on security, tack marking, shows, events, etc or information on crime is available on our facebook page.


Horsewatch to the rescue;
Central Horsenews, April/May 2009

Central Horsenews wrote 'Observant members of Northants Horsewatch played a major part in reuniting Polly with her owner. Polly was stolen in June last year from her home near Luton, Bedfordshire but the eagle-eyed members of Northants Horsewatch recognised her from her pictures which had been circulated and informed Police'.

Polly's rescue by Horsewatch Northants Committee Member

Polly was taken from her home during June 2008 and was found in Sandy (Beds) in Feb 2009 whilst a search for three other stolen ponies was conducted by their distraught owner. A member of Northants Horsewatch, Sandy Redmore, asked the ponies' owner to take some photos of a horse she had seen.

By the horses' description and on examination of the photos, Sandy realised that it could be a horse previously reported as stolen. She contacted Polly's owner and asked her to quickly send some photos via her mobile. On comparison of the photo's and a video sent to Sandy's computer the likeness to Polly was remarkable and Polly's owner and family verified that it was indeed Polly.

Polly's owners rang Bedfordshire police and asked to be met at Polly's location. A police officer met them at the field and following verification, loaded Polly into their lorry. After 8 month's of searching, wondering and hoping Polly was eventually returned to her rightful home due to the vigilance of the ponies' owner and our Horsewatch member. It is believed Polly is pregnant and traumatised by events. Sandra Redmore

This true story demonstrates how it is possible to beat horse thieves by being aware via Horsewatch, alert, acting quickly, working together, passing on information and keeping on the right side of the law by seeking a resolution together with the police. This is important because if the victims of crime further assist the thieves by coming to an 'arrangement' to buy back their stolen horses; the thieves remain unknown to the police and benefit further, encouraging them to steal again and again.